Bring prices down by enabling NZ growers to grow more vegetables

11 August 2023

Being able to grow more vegetables could be one way to bring prices down, improve health outcomes, and support an industry that is vital to New Zealand, according to Vegetables New Zealand Incorporated (VNZI).

‘There’s massive support, particularly in the health and education sectors, for taking steps to make healthy fresh New Zealand vegetables more available to kiwis,’ says VNZI chair, John Murphy.

‘The New Zealand vegetable industry needs fit for purpose regulations that allow vegetable operations to thrive, by encouraging investment in vegetable production and eliminating hurdles that limit productivity. 

‘Ultimately, any effort to make it easier for kiwis to eat more locally grown vegetables is good for New Zealand society.’

John says the debate on removing GST from food has been welcomed by the vegetable sector. 

‘VNZI applauds any attempt by regulators to increase fresh vegetable consumption because of the health benefits, while at the same time, making it easier for vegetable growers to be viable.

‘If changing tax settings could decrease the cost that consumers and growers face, then we should look seriously at a change.’