About us Vegetables New Zealand Inc.

The fresh vegetable industry has encountered considerable change in recent years...

This has been in response to the restructuring of the wholesale industry, development of sophisticated customer requirements, and greater consumer demand. With over 50 fresh vegetable crops, research and development (R&D) has difficulty keeping pace with the needs of producers and demands from a large crop base. Growers have become customer-oriented rather than 'produce and sell' as in the past.

The fresh vegetable industry acknowledges that attributes such as nutrition, health, aesthetic values, and convenience all have a major impact in the success of fresh vegetables on the competitive food market.

VNZI Vision:

"A thriving vegetable growing industry".

VNZI Purpose:

"To support our growers in their businesses, by providing a united voice to ensure our growers and communities prosper."


VNZI's Five Operational Pillars: 

Pillar 1 - Social License - Vegetable growing is a highly regarded industry that actively contributes and is listened to by decision makers and the public.

Priority - Harnessing relationships - we work with our industry partners to give the best advantage to our growers when working with Government and the public.

Pillar 2 - Fresh and Healthy - Fresh NZ vegetables are desirable in NZ and globally.  They are the foundation to a healthy lifestyle and community.

Priority - Food Security - Fresh NZ vegetables are integral to a healthy diet and are sought after by all consumers.

Pillar 3 - Future Focused - NZ vegetables have recognised value, overcoming future challenges with growth and diversity.

Priority - Enabling Success - Vegetable growers will have industry support and information to help them navigate potential challenges and build resilience.

Pillar 4 - Caretakers of the land - Vegetable growers respect the environment they grow in.

Priority - Future proof our farms (Research & Development) - NZ vegetable growers have access to research and innovation that enables improved sustainable growing practices.

Pillar 5 - Eat with confidence - Commercially grown NZ vegetables are safe and good for you.

Priority - Good for our people and communities - Consumption of a diverse range of fresh NZ grown vegetables builds a heathy lifestyle for all.