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The fresh vegetable industry has encountered considerable change in recent years.

This has been in response to the restructuring of the wholesale industry, development of sophisticated customer requirements, and greater consumer demand. With over 50 fresh vegetable crops, research and development (R&D) has difficulty keeping pace with the needs of producers and demands from a large crop base. Growers have become customer-oriented rather than 'produce and sell' as in the past.

The fresh vegetable industry acknowledges that attributes such as nutrition, health, aesthetic values, and convenience all have a major impact in the success of fresh vegetables on the competitive food market.


Increased demand for fresh, convenient produce has opened a window of opportunity in regions such as Asia, where high quality, safe and healthy food is sought.

Industry has the ability to produce residue-free vegetables using environmentally sound management practices to meet increasing environmental concerns.

Retention of quality fresh products enables Vegetables NZ Inc. to be competitive in the fresh food industry which continues to compete against processed and fast foods.


  • Increasing domestic and export industry value
  • Healthy, nutritious, and versatile fresh products
  • Variety of products and new crops
  • Commitment to research and development
  • Establishment of a quality assurance programme
  • Significant investment in the promotion of fresh vegetable produce


Export volumes are expected to increase due to New Zealand's ability to provide a variety of quality fresh vegetables all year round and the development of post-harvest technology and delivery systems will ensure produce will reach export markets in excellent condition.



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