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The 2019 VNZI Annual General Meeting and Horticulture Conference will be held on Wednesday 31 July to Friday 2 August, at Mystery Creek Hamilton.


 'Our Food Future' 

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The VNZI AGM will be held at 4pm on Wednesday 31 July as part of the Horticulture Conference at Mystery Creek, Hamilton.  

Details of the AGM and papers were distributed to all VNZI members.   For a copy of the AGM and Conference Papers click here.

If you are unable to attend but would like to vote on the Motions as they appear in the AGM papers, please complete the 2019 Proxy Form.  Your completed Proxy Form must be received no later than 4:00pm on Monday 29 July.


About the Horticulture Conference -

Mystery Creek offers over 100 hectares of land and pavilions, which we will use to fully demonstrate what horticulture is doing now, what is next off the shelf, and what new ideas are in development. There’s also the opportunity for a bit of fun; we’re planning some tractor pulling competitions and other suitable social events. 

The key opportunity we get from Mystery Creek, however, is to get out of the conference room, and get ‘hands on’ in the field. The conference theme this year is ‘Our Food Future’, and woven into this theme is a rich tapestry of cutting-edge presentations and demonstrations. These include provenance, advanced breeding technology, the government’s well-being budget, Maōri involvement in horticulture, health and safety, the impact of the Emissions Trading Scheme, social media, novel pest management, the future of our industry, and more.

The highlight of the conference will be our ‘Carnival of Demos’, which will include:

  • Innovative covered crop automation equipment from Ftek
  • A flying moth dispenser, which will fly during the conference
  • A 3D Maze with insects, demonstrating insect disruption work
  • A laser vibrometer, using laser and vibrations for insect disruption
  • New traps and lures, particularly for brown marmorated stink bug
  • BumbleBox – new work using bumble bees for pollination services
  • Printed food – through video footage and printed examples from a 3D printer
  • Virtual reality, where delegates can put on a headset and walk around a vineyard and orchard
  • Sensory – looking at some interactive sensory activity
  • Precision agriculture fertiliser and irrigation
  • And more.

The conference concludes with a biosecurity simulation, and field trips to Zealong’s Tea Plantation and Hill Laboratories futuristic new facility.

HortNZ Leadership Programme 2019

Are you a potential leader in the hort industry?  And want to upskill?  You could be going on this year's HortNZ Leadership Programme.

Click here for more information or contact Sue Pickering on 021 938 825 or email


2019 HortNZ Vegetable Sector Scholarship applications are now OPEN


Horticulture New Zealand (HortNZ) has a number of 2019 scholarships available for industry trainees and undergraduates (the relevant information sheets are attached) and a number of these are specifically for those in the vegetable growing sector.

Vegetables NZ Inc. strongly support this scholarship program and would ask that if you or any of your staff are interested then please apply.

These programs are very low cost relative to the long term benefits

Application forms can be  accessed via the People section of the HortNZ website:

Applications will be accepted up to 20th March 2019.   

We encourage and support you to sign up and if we can assist in any way please contact Sue Pickering on: 021 938 825


VNZI AGM held on Monday 23 July 2018 - Voting Results - Remit 7 and Remit 8

The 2018 Vegetables NZ Inc. (VNZI) Annual General Meeting and Horticulture Conference held in Christchurch earlier this week was a very successful event. 

The feedback from Monday’s Vegetable Sector speaker sessions, AGM, Horticulture Conference speakers and field trips was very positive.  Thank you to all those who attended!

I would like to update you on the outcome of the two, confidential value weighted votes, Remit 7 and Remit 8.

Remit 7

That Vegetable New Zealand Inc. members support the proposal for a separate biosecurity levy, to be set by the VNZI Board at its discretion, which will initially be set at a rate of 0.05% with a maximum rate of 0.20% of gate sales value, for application to GIA readiness and response related expenditure, and only applied if at the Board’s discretion such expenditure is required. 

Remit 7 - Result





Grower Vote




Value Vote



 Remit 8

That Vegetables New Zealand Inc. members support and approve the VNZI Board making decisions on behalf of members in respect of negotiating and signing Operational Agreements as may be required under the GIA and authorising the payment of other related biosecurity expenses. 

Remit 8 - Result





Grower Vote




Value Vote



This positive result will enhance the Vegetables NZ Inc. and Ministry for Primary Industries working partnership in meeting the demands of biosecurity risk in New Zealand going forward.

For your information - all other Remits, i.e. Remits 1-6 and 9 were agreed unanimously.



Media release - 8 November 2016

Fresh vegetable industry signs Biosecurity Agreement.

Vegetables New Zealand Incorporated today signed an agreement with Government to better protect the fresh vegetable growers it represents in managing biosecurity procedures.

Vegetables NZ Inc is the governing body representing 900 commercial growers who produce more than 50 crops, with a farm gate value of over $390 million per annum, to supply the increasing demands of sophisticated customers both in New Zealand and in our export markets.

The Deed of the Government Industry Agreement (GIA) for Biosecurity Readiness and Response was signed by representatives from Vegetables NZ Inc. and government at Parliament, with Martyn Dunne, chief executive of the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI), and Associate Primary Industries Minister Jo Goodhew in attendance. Vegetables NZ Inc joins 12 other primary sector industry groups that have joined with the Government in the GIA partnership.

“It is paramount that the continued supply of fresh, high-quality, healthy vegetables for our domestic and export consumers are not put at risk by a biosecurity pest or virus incursion,” says Andre de Bruin, Chairman of Vegetables NZ Inc.

“Becoming a partner to the GIA Deed benefits our growers by giving us a seat at the decision-making table with government and other primary sector groups affected by similar biosecurity threats. It gives our growers a greater say in preparing for and managing biosecurity risks specific to our industry. With the increased number of imports, containers and tourists, the potential risk for a foreign pest or disease to establish itself in New Zealand is increasing all the time.

“The best way to protect New Zealand’s horticulture industry is through world-class border security, preparation for possible incursions, and a rapid response programme when unwanted pests or diseases do arrive, to contain, control, and eradicate these threats quickly and effectively,” says Mr de Bruin.

GIA Secretariat Manager Steve Rich agreed, saying he was pleased that the fresh vegetable sector has recognised the benefits of joining with other industry groups and government to jointly manage biosecurity readiness and response to deliver better outcomes.

“With 12 industry groups having now signed a partnership agreement with MPI, the partnership numbers have more than doubled in size since this time last year. GIA is moving from strength to strength and beginning to demonstrate the pan-sector benefits offered by the partnership.

“Vegetables NZ Inc joining GIA will really strengthen the partnership and illustrates how it is prepared to take responsibility for managing biosecurity risks within their sector. On behalf of the Deed Governance Group, we commend this industry group on taking this bold step and welcome them to the GIA partnership,” says Mr Rich.

Vegetables NZ Inc. represents the interests of commercial growers of all fresh vegetable crops (other than potatoes, onions, tomatoes, asparagus, and buttercup squash).

It is the largest of the vegetable product groups, and with such a wide range of crops, it has the task of ensuring that the interests of all its member growers are appropriately represented.


For more information contact: Vegetables New Zealand

Andre de Bruin, Chairman of Vegetables New Zealand Inc, 027 272 4239

John Seymour, General Manager of Vegetables New Zealand Inc, 027 543 7631

GIA - Steve Rich, GIA Secretariat Manager, 021 445 180

Vegetables New Zealand Inc Society rules for reference

Posted by on 20 November 2014

The Vegetables New Zealand Inc Society rules have been added


IPM Manual for Vegetable Brassica

This is the revised IPM Manual Pocket Guide for Vegetable Brassica. It was updated in February 2016.

There are three versions of the IPM Manual.
High resolution for PC use
- Low and medium resolution for smartphone or tablet use.



The Agricultural Vehicles Guide 2014 is now available

The Agricultural Vehicles Guide 2014 is now available on our About Us/Resources & Links page.  Please click here