Our Board

Board Elections 2022

VNZI Board nominations closed at 5:00pm on Wednesday 29 June and election results were announced at the VNZI AGM held on 27 July in Pukekohe.

The Chair, John Murphy, was pleased to announce Brendan Balle and Jay Clarke were duly elected as VNZI Board Directors.  

John also acknowledged the services of retiring Directors, Mike Parker and Leanne Roberts at the AGM on 27 July.  Mike and Leanne have contributed a wealth of experience and knowledge to the vegetable industry.


About the VNZI Board

Our Board of Directors are elected by our registered VNZI members. There is an annual retirement by rotation for Board Directors and this is your opportunity to have direct input into the election process.

Any member of VNZI is eligible to nominate, second a nomination, or be nominated for the position of VNZI Director. All nominations must be seconded.