Vegetables New Zealand Inc. continues its long-standing contribution of over $300,000 per year for fresh vegetables promotional activities supported by the website and through education programmes.

  • Fresh vegetable education programmes
  • Advising chefs, cooking schools and polytechnics on vegetable seasonality and preparation
  • Developing and managing retailer promotional programmes
  • Promoting fresh vegetable usage to the hospitality and food service sectors
  • Publishing fresh vegetable cookbooks
  • Promoting fresh vegetables consumption to NZ health professionals
  • Continuing to promote the United Fresh: 5+ A DAY campaign also maintains a comprehensive image library containing great high resolution images of New Zealand grown vegetables.  If you wish to view or download some of these images please click here. has identified gaps and developed strategies to support and enhance the actions of other groups.

Generic vegetable and category-specific information and images include:

  • Recipe ideas
  • Storage tips
  • Nutrition
  • Preparation and cooking
  • Teaching tools
  • Image library

Evidence-based and peer-reviewed generic vegetable activities:

  • Key influencer partnerships
  • Culinary competitions
  • Health promotions
  • Columns and newsletters
  • Recipe leaflets
  • Event participation 

To view the Strategy click here.