Research & Development

Vegetables New Zealand Inc believes that investment in leading edge research and technology is essential.

To achieve the desired industry characteristics that have been identified in the Fresh Vegetable Industry vision document, investment is vital. Key characteristics include having growers who are operating sustainably to world's best practice, and the industry has products that can be targeted to affluent customers in less developed markets contributing to future export earnings of $1B.

Integrated pest management in vegetable brassicas – a guide and handbook

The Fresh Vegetable Product Group of Horticulture New Zealand has been involved since 2004 in an MPI Sustainable Farming Fund Project for the development of an IPM programme for vegetable brassicas.  The aim was to identify the best methods to minimise growth in pest populations, identify associated problems, and base pest and disease control decisions on information gained through crop scouting and monitoring. 

This project is now complete and a copy of the grower and non-grower order forms for the IPM guide, on a CD-ROM, "Information guide for integrated pest management in vegetable brassicas' and a handbook (for pest and disease identification is included for use in the field) can be downloaded by clicking here.

We thank the contributing partners, both in terms of funding and in-kind support. We acknowledge the generous support of the MPI Sustainable Farming Fund over the course of this project plus the support and sponsorship of a number of companies within the industry.


Levy funding is approx $320,000 annually or 35% of the total levy collected. This levy funding is used to leverage from various sources for example:

  • MPI Sustainable Farming Fund (SFF): Co-funded projects worth close to $1.5 million from this fund
  • AGMARDT are also co-funding several research projects

The Vegetables New Zealand Inc. Research and Development Committee members are:

Andre de Bruin (Chair), Mike Parker (Stalks, Vines, Bulbs & Herbs), Kiran Hari (Leafy), John Murphy (Alliums), Mark O'Connor, Allen Lim (Brassicas), Leanne Roberts (Covered Crops).