Nelson vegetable research and levy roadshow a success

20 March 2024

More than 20 vegetable growers and other industry participants attended the Vegetables NZ and VR&I research and levy roadshow in Richmond on 19 March.

‘Growers were very interested in what’s been going on in the research space lately,’ says Vegetables NZ research, development and extension manager, Daniel Sutton. ‘We’re making good progress, particularly in the integrated pest and disease management space. As an industry, it is important that we lead by example and develop the tools to meet new and changing requirements.

‘The nationwide roadshows are an opportunity to talk through the research and how it can be applied in the paddock or greenhouse.’

Vegetables NZ chair, John Murphy (pictured) addressed the Nelson event about the commodity levy, voting on which starts on 15 May.

‘Just over three years ago, the Vegetables NZ board made the decision to “get things done”, particularly in the research, development and extension space as well as in the policy and advocacy area.

‘Our job is to ensure that investment in research and development results in growers being able to apply new knowledge and growing techniques in the field, so as to stay ahead of consumer preferences and regulatory requirements.

‘It’s also our job to ensure the vegetable industry is on a firm footing and can expand within environmental limits to ensure New Zealand has food security, and people have access to fresh, healthy vegetables at reasonable prices. We do this in partnership with HortNZ and other vegetable product groups.’

The roadshows continue after Easter. The next one is in Pukekohe at 3pm on Wednesday 10 April at the Events Centre, 55 Ward St. For a full list of roadshow events, click here