Industrial allocation data collection, for tomato, cucumber and capsicum growers

7 November 2023

Tomato, cucumber and capsicum growers have been requested to provide production, revenue and emissions data to the Ministry for the Environment (Ministry) by 15 December 2023.

This is so the Government can address the over-allocation of emissions units to some firms in the emission-intensive and trade-exposed (EITE) category. For more information on what’s going on, click here: 2023 Industrial allocation data collection | Ministry for the Environment.

We have strenuously pointed out to the Ministry, outgoing Environment Minister and incoming Government that the timing of this request is poor, given it is at the height of our harvest season. However, the Ministry says it has to push on with its timetable, given the data collection applies to more than 20 other industries. 

Reports from growers who have started their data collection exercise say it is time-consuming exercise. However, a grower has also reported that their gas and electricity suppliers have been helpful, and able to send monthly totals for the requested periods in spreadsheets. This grower got their freight and sales revenue data using their accounting software.

Intermediaries such as MG may also be in a position to help growers assemble the requested data. 

The Ministry is available to support firms through this process. They are developing a video tutorial and will be hosting virtual drop-in sessions, in addition to the Data Collection Guide that provides more information about completing the forms. Firms are also able to email the Ministry directly ( with any specific questions.

We will keep you up to date with any developments, including when the video tutorial and virtual drop-in sessions will be held.