Future Director Internship

5 May 2022


Karn Dhaliwal was the first person considered for the VNZI Future Director Internship in 2021.

Karn Dhaliwal was the first person considered for the VNZI Future Director Internship in 2021.

Vegetables New Zealand Inc (VNZI) is seeking a Future Director to serve and gain experience on its Board. The year-long appointment – to start in September 2022 – will allow the successful appointee to gain experience in governance, leadership and strategy. This position will suit an applicant who has active involvement in a horticultural enterprise. There is an expectation that the applicant will understand the issues and challenges that horticulture and growers face.

This is a great development opportunity for a future leader with a genuine interest in governance. The Future Director will have the opportunity to be mentored by an industry leader. In making the selection, VNZI’s diversity policy will be taken into account.

The role will entail up to 10 hours per Board meeting. This will cover preparation for the coming Board meeting, attending a Crop Advisory Group (CAG) meeting prior to the Board meeting, and then attendance at the Board meeting. There are five VNZI Board meetings per year. The VNZI conference and AGM will involve two days, mid-year. The Future Director will be encouraged to use this time wisely and network with growers and participate in the forums, including the AGM.  

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Karn was identified by VNZI as an initial recipient of a future director internship prior to the placement becoming official. Karn was noticed while attending the Horticulture Leadership programme in 2020 and was asked to join the Crop Advisory Group (CAG). After joining the CAG, Karn attended the 2021 Horticulture Conference and a Board meeting as an observer to get an understanding of governance within the vegetable industry. VNZI sees Karn as an industry leader and look forward to supporting his future direction in the vegetable industry.



If you are interested in this role, please send your CV and a cover letter to: Lynda.Banks@hortnz.co.nz

Applications open on Monday 11 April 2022 and will close at 5pm, Monday 13 June 2022. The successful candidate will undergo induction in September 2022, and attend a VNZI Board meeting   mid-September 2022 (subject to Board schedule).