Are we helping your growing business to thrive?

6 December 2021

John Murphy: Vegetables New Zealand chair


Across all Vegetable product groups there seems to be a renewed determination to get more done. For Vegetables New Zealand Inc, this is all about enabling our growers’ businesses to thrive, so that we can continue to feed New Zealand and contribute to our local communities.

We have all heard about those ‘inside the tent’ getting the lollies. At VNZI, we want our growers inside – and we need your help to get us there. When regulators, the public and the customer want to boost business, we need them to be thinking of vegetable growers.

With this in mind we take your money for industry initiatives every time you make a sale. Are we putting this to good use? Our strategy is about Biosecurity and GIA (Government Industry Agreement for Biosecurity Readiness and Response), EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) reassessments, NZGAP (Good Agricultural Practice), promotions and education, grower/government relations, and research and development that can improve what we do.

As growers, it’s clear that labour issues are significantly affecting our viability – VNZI needs to look at how we can
help with this. An irritated grower recently challenged me to involve them more in VNZI because they are “very passionate about vegetables and committed to getting the information and promotion of the product to the everyday consumer.”

This is absolutely what we want – our growers keeping us relevant and driving us to deliver. Making it easier for you
to do what you’re good at is what we’re about.

Our Crop Advisory Groups Zoom every two months to talk through the issues facing us and what we can do about
them. This gives us boots on the ground, technically sound advice. If you’re interested in simply listening in, or having a say, email or call us and we will get you involved.

We’ve also started getting out to the provinces and will be working with local associations to get growers together.
We’re heading to gumboot catch-ups for pizza and a chat, so that we can hear what our people need.

Vegetable growers are remarkably innovative, and particularly good at coming up with practical ways to make a difference. Let us know about them so we can get more done for you.