Leafy crops

The Leafy Crop Advisory Group represents lettuce, silverbeet, spinach, mesclun, salad leaves, watercress, beans, peas, and snow peas.

The majority of production is consumed domestically with a small volume of lettuce and chicory exported mainly to Hong Kong and Japan.


An Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Manual for outdoor head lettuce is now available in CD-ROM format along with an A5 pest and disease field handbook.

IPM Lettuce Final Report SFF 15 059 - 1999

The Leafy Crops Advisory Group (Vegetables NZ) initiated a two-year implementation phase to transfer technology developed from the previous“IPM for Outdoor Lettuce” SFF project to growers and crop scouts/consultants.  The project team included key growers and industry personnel from the major lettuce-producing regions, Pukekohe, Gisborne and Horowhenua. The project work focused on crop scout training for different regions, replicated field Trials, continued monitoring of small insect pests, development of action thresholds for the major insect pests (particularly caterpillar pests) and the dissemination of results in the IPM manual/guide.

See Research Reports - Members for the final report

Statistics (2013)

Leafy Crops Overview


Lettuce (outdoor)

Silverbeet / Spinach

Number of Growers 40 30
Area planted 1,300 hectares 200 hectares
Production - 3,500 tonnes
Exports $1.9 million -

Source: Statistics New Zealand

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