Crops we manage

Structure of Vegetables New Zealand Inc.

Vegetables New Zealand Inc. has six Crop Advisory Groups: Allium crops, Brassica crops, Covered crops, Leafy crops, Root and tuber crops and Stalks, vines, bulbs and herb crops.

The members of the Crop Advisory Groups are directly elected by the growers within each of those groups. The Director of each of the Crop Advisory Groups sits on the Vegetables NZ Inc. Board. The Vegetables NZ Inc. Board has a Chair and Vice Chair, both are elected on an annual basis by VNZI directors at the first meeting following the AGM.

Vegetables New Zealand Inc.'s Purpose is: "To support our growers in their businesses, by providing a united voice to ensure our growers and communities proper."

It aims to advance the interests of fresh vegetable growers by:

Being active as a political lobby group to Government, local bodies, and industry organisations to ensure growers' views are presented.

Promoting the consumption of quality fresh vegetables and their economic and health benefits to current and new markets.

Conducting research that provides relevant information on industry direction, trends, marketing mechanisms, performance, existing and future impediments, markets, and opportunities.


Andre de Bruin
Chairman VNZI Board / Director Root & Tuber Crops
PO Box 148, Dargaville 0340
Phone: 09 439 6714
Fax: 09 439 4283
Mobile: 027 272 4239

Mike Parker
Vice Chair VNZI Board / Director Stalks Vines Bulb
Parkers Gardens, 47 Duncan Road RD 3
Hamilton 3283
Phone: 07 827 6519
Fax: 07 823 0358
Mobile: 021 960 078

Kiran Hari
VNZI Board Member / Director Leafy Crops
Fresh Gro Produce Ltd
PO Box 21 Pukekohe
Mobile: 021 703 658

Allen Lim
VNZI Board Member / Director Brassica Crops
Jade Garden Produce, 31 Lincoln Rolleston Road, RD
Christchurch 7678
Phone: 03 347 7272
Mobile: 027 282 8567

John Murphy
VNZI Board Member / Director Allium Crops
Phoenix Garlic Ltd, PO Box 5146
Springlands 7241
Phone: 03 578 5555
Fax: 03 577 8647
Mobile: 0274 584 670

Leanne Roberts
VNZI Board Member / Director Covered Crops
Thymebank 2013, Ltd, 31 Hammerichs Road, RD 2
Blenheim 7272
Phone: 03 577 9496
Mobile: 027 326 8568