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Poinsettia Thrips

Poinsettia Thrips

Posted by on 7 September 2017


Have you seen Poinsettia Thrips in your greenhouse?

If you detect, or suspect that you have seen Poinsettia thrips, please immediately contact MPI on 0800 80 99 66.




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Poinsettia Thrips are 1.7mm in length and have a pale band across the body.


In August 2017, Echinotrhips americanus were detected in one Auckland greenhouse.  We are asking for growers' help to determine if they have spread.

  • Poinsettia thrips are an Unwanted Organism in New Zealand, and can feed on a wide range of host plants, causing damage to greenhouse crops such as house plants and cut flowers, capsicums and tomatoes.

  • This species is already widespread throughout the USA, and parts of Europe and Asia.

  • Poinsettia thrips cause mechanical chewing and feeding damage to host plants, particularly on older leaves.

  • Greenhouse plants with woody stems (e.g. houseplants) seem to be more affected than softer stemmed plants such as vegetables.

  • From overseas experience, it seems they are not likely to add to the pest burden for capsicums, cucumber, eggplant, tomato and leafy green production.

  • Due to New Zealand’s cooler climate, we understand that Poinsettia thrips will not survive outside greenhouses.

  • So far, we have not detected Pointsettia thrips in any other part of New Zealand.